Librarian of Alexandria


please destroy nerds. it's not difficult. be smarter or stronger or more graceful or more kind. be more able to love. the next time that you feel called upon to defend video games as an art form do literally anything else instead. do not say awesome or epic or otherwise engage with the vacuous shorthand of the nerd tribe. please understand that it is not immediately the best thing you have ever seen when two cultural references that you understand are forced into proximity: batman and the predator. star wars and minecraft. mario and grindhouse films.

reject nerds and flex on nerdfighters. do not allow a person to infect hiphop with their vile chiptunes. do not abide the nerd who holds up his consumerist fantasias as valid cultural icons. do not allow the nerds to cluster or they will eventually spore subreddits. suffer not the nerd to "fap". creepshame a nerd, imo.

reestablish the distinction between "nerdy" and "smart" through harsh words and hard work.


help me destroy nerds