Librarian of Alexandria


The only solution to this deadlock is to posit a kind of pre-ontological perturbation/inversion/disturbance within nirvana itself—that is to say, prior to the split between nirvana and false appearance—so that the Absolute itself (the cosmic Force, or whatever it is called) gets radically perverted. The traces of this inversion are discernible even in pop-cultural New Age icons like Darth Vader from Star Wars: in the idea that the truly evil people are those who have gained access to the Force that enables us to reach the true realm beyond false material reality, but then perverted/misused this Force, employing it for bad, evil ends. What, however, if this fall into perversion is original, the original monstrous cut/excess, and the opposition between nirvana and desire for false appearances is there to conceal this monstrosity?

—Slavoj Žižek