Librarian of Alexandria


the difference between video games and pornography is ... that one is a highly commercial medium of highly disputed (and disputable) artistic merit which is largely dominated by male power fantasies and characterized by shoddy acting, laughable dialogue, and two-dimensional plots that many people simply skip past to get to the action and which is perpetually at the center of a media shitstorm for its graphic and often outright puerile content, and in which women always have unfeasibly massive hooters quivering beneath bizarre and scanty costumes, but which is rabidly defended by a massive fanbase who range from the fairly reasonable to the clearly deranged who loyally purchase tickets to conventions at which they awkwardly photograph themselves crooking their arms around real human women wearing aforementioned bizarre and scanty costumes with a minimum of self-awareness or -reflection

whereas the other is my horse, who i have named "pornography" for reasons i shall reveal to neither man nor god. PORNOGRAPHY AWAY