Librarian of Alexandria

XV: The Ultimate Cessation Of Humankind's Ability To Love Itself And The Consequent Ontological Cataclysm That Itself Is Only The First Step In The Horrific Chain Of Events To Come, or, Three Sides of Fries

His heart felt as though it were made of glass. He could feel it. He could feel every footstep reverberating in his glass heart, jostling it, rubbing it against his panting lungs and pained spine, every motion too far straining the pristine crystal lattice, every emotion causing it to creak and whine under the pressure.

The path was hard and long, and only barely illuminated by the blue-green foliage which glowed brighter with every passing gust. The night sky was a flat black with only the scarcest trace of the swarm above, like a soft trickle along the horizon. The mountains above hummed softly.

"The hum is not comforting today," his companion said. The companion hovered slightly, filled with red, redolent and grand.

"It is fine enough," he said, but his crystal heart disagreed. He looked up at the faint blue peaks and felt the hum fill him, and the vibration seemed as though it could destroy his crystal heart, but he harrumphed and continued.

"You are not discomforted?"

"Not greatly," he said, and it was not quite a lie while still not quite the truth. Every step nearly flattened flowers that moved aside and stared up at the both expectantly, unsure if they were there to destroy them or feed them. Of course, they were there for neither, only passing through towards the city, which hovered in their vision distantly like a ghost.

"I find it... distasteful, at least," the companion said, and dilated his eyes a little bit before hovering onward. "It seems to speak to me of plans."

"It seems to me that you are now speaking of plans."

The companion was silent. The journey had gotten harder, and the great beasts in the distance had started to stare with hollow yellow eyes and move with barely perceptible movements. They would not be dangerous, but it was no comforting thing to be walking in the half-light under the waxing swarm with the guaes-beasts watching. The companion twisted a few times, perhaps hoping that it would cause the beasts to avert their eyes.

Finally, they crested a hill and looked at the city they had for so long attempted to find. Like a great crystal, it grew out in perfect directions and with perfect dimensions, the subtle lights from planted trees being refracted and reflected infinitely into the distance. He looked at his companion and both of them smiled simultaneously.

"This city is like glass, and like glass, it could be destroyed by a small misstep or an errant breath," the companion said, settling down on the hill just slightly and obscuring the flowers below.

"The city is alive and will be alive in our minds for all time," he responded. "If it must be broken, then it must." With that, he clutched at his heart, and both began walking down the path.